The Right Team Yields The Best Results

A constant pursuit of knowledge and success drives each member of our organization. From military service to professional private-sector leadership, we’ve assembled a team of individuals who work for the greater good of our employees, clients, and partners – all toward a goal of mission success.

TLC Team

Our Leadership

We are fortunate to have the best and brightest in the industry serving as our leaders. These experienced individuals work alongside the team on a daily basis, sharing their passion, implementing training, and encouraging growth.

Lawrence Walsh

Chairman of the Board

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Teresa Fletcher

Chief Executive Officer

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Annette Coppin

Chief Financial Officer

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Mr. Lawrence Walsh retired from the US Army in May of 1997. During his military career, Mr. Walsh moved thru the enlisted ranks to Staff Sgt, then became a Supply Warrant Officer (920B) in 1986. Being a logistician afforded assignments to a variety of units. Some of his assignments included 3rd ACR, CID, SETAF, 3rd Arm Div., and a special assignment was being assigned the model DSU for the Army where he tested new concepts and software for warehouse management and deployments for the Army. Mr. Walsh also served his last 3 years in support of the CTASC for COSCOM supporting FORSCOM units throughout 18th Airborne Corp. Mr. Walsh was deployed with the 530th Logistics Battalion, Ft Bragg to Desert Shield and Storm and received a Bronze Star for his service while deployed. Mr. Walsh returned to Saudi Arabia in 1994 and served as a Diplomat for one year assisting the Saudi Army National Guard Forces with Logistics set-up for the M1 Abrams Tank. This assignment helped instruct the Saudi Army National Guard (SANG) on how to establish processes and procedures and to receive equipment, inventory, and warehouse it. Mr. Walsh retired in May of 1997, with numerous awards and decorations. Mr. Walsh is a co-founder of The Logistics Company, Inc. Mr. Walsh began as the Chief Program Management Officer with a focus on Standard Operating Procedures and Quality and to this day still has the same drive to consistently improve TLC. After his retirement from the Army assumed more of a leadership role. Mr. Walsh has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since his election by the Board of Directors in 1999. The company grew from its first contract of 233,000 in 1996 to over 70 Million in revenue during his tenure as President.

In January 2021, Mr. Walsh stepped down as the CEO, to focus more on Board Operations. As Chairman of the Board. Mr. Walsh remains actively involved in the Company providing advice and mentoring the current TLC Leadership. The Board will help the vision evolve and continue to establish policies and objectives for the corporation. The Board actively and coordinates financial activities such as the PPP funding, or Operating Lines of Credit and to obtain funding for Mergers and Acquisition.

He graduated from Methodist University in 1993 with a B.S. in Business Administration. He was awarded the "Entrepreneur of Year award by Methodist College in 2001 and then received the Silver Spoon Award from Methodist in 2008, an award that recognizes accomplishments in business. Mr. Walsh served on the Board of Directors for Methodist College from 2012-2020, he serves on the Board of Directors for Northwood Temple Academy, and Falcon’s Children’s Home.

Teresa Fletcher is the CEO of The Logistics Company, Inc (TLC). Ms. Fletcher was selected to serve as CEO by TLC’s Board of Directors in March of 2021. As CEO, Ms. Fletcher focuses on legislative and regulatory issues related to government contracting, budgets, and requirements. She helps shape corporate policy, develops corporate acquisition and merger strategies, and works to improve communications between government and industry.

Ms. Fletcher joined TLC in 1996 and has had a distinguish career with the company. She served as the Chief Contracts and Marketing Officer and as TLC’s President. During her career, she helped TLC develop processes and procedures which moved the company forward in the industry.

Ms. Fletcher stepped away from TLC for a short period in order to help establish Total Government Contract Solutions (TGCS). Ms. Fletcher is still a co-owner of the company. TGCS is a Government Contracts consulting company in Fayetteville, NC. Her work included support for small business government contractors in finance, contracting, and other Government contract regulatory requirements.

Ms. Fletcher graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Methodist University and has worked in the Government Contracting space for more than 25 years. She is NCMA certified in Federal Contract Management.

Annette Coppin became the chief financial officer at The Logistics Company in 2017. She is responsible for the financial management of the company’s business, including accounting, audit, government compliance, financial planning and analysis, tax, and treasury. Annette is a seasoned bilingual accounting professional with extensive public and government accounting experience. Her expertise includes problem-solving, staff development, and logistic sensitivity. Since joining the company in 2007, she has served in a variety of financial operations positions. Annette has developed a reputation as an accounting subject matter expert and has a long-standing record of creative resolution for corporate and customer needs.

Annette received a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor’s in accounting and marketing from the University of Puerto Rico. She has also completed a number of professional development courses, include the FAR boot camp and a contractor’s guide to the incurred cost submission.